Much energy is being brought to bear on our planet at this time as a new cyclic journey is about to be born. In labour have we struggled over billions of years, creating forces of life. Forces of attraction and repulsion, growing, pushing ever forward to align with Truth, pushing against the pull of illusion. Immaculate conception, born out of strife, nutured in the womb of illusion. Immaculate because only in Oneness, not thru duality, shall the suns and daughters of the age of enlightenment be born. A miraculous conception, for the forces which pull, overwhelm this sphere. Even now, mother earth is showing signs of her travail. But all is well, for Truth will usher forth from her womb… Love encompasses all.

In these latter days, the labour pains intensify as the forces of life make ready to give birth. Contracting and expanding, inhalation and exhalation- duality is the body which sustains the womb. It is the positive and the negative, from the molecular structure of protons and electrons, to the psychological possibilities of virtue and vice. To every is exists an is not, to every yes there echoes a no, to every right one points to a wrong. The last struggle of duality is as it was in the beginning… to be born or not to be at all, to become or to remain. This time around, duality, the sire of the many, which bore the illusion of separateness, has come full term and is ready to conceive.
In these last days, those who would choose to be, are greatly assisted by the heightened energy flow of labour. Those who would struggle, bathe in this energy influx as well. One cannot remain lukewarm in these times. The heat generated by this intensified state affects all, according to their temperament. It is a time of great opportunity and a time of great devastation- depending on how one aligns with one’s Self. One can witness the extremities become more pronounced as the sun moves overhead. Groups are organizing more and more to proclaim their proclamations to and of the world, individuals are crying out in the streets claiming their perceived righteousness or wrongness, and communities are forming of like spirits to prepare for the trust forward. The sensitive feel this intensity. The numb care not to see the fire.
We dream while in the womb. We dream of a world of peace without end. Yet, will the soul awaken- the awakening bringing forth the birth. Or will this natural process be aborted by a suicidal attempt to stagnate- stagnation being any thought to hold on to duality, to separation, to illusion.
And so the question is put forth continually to each soul- Who Am I. To realize this is to awaken. Who Am I. Each time, the answer is tested in the refining fires of life. Who Am I. Each response either draws one closer to or pushes one further away from the awakening. For there is no standing still. Even stagnation is a step backwards, for the goal is in forward movement and recedes from one’s sight if one does not move with it.
Whatever one professes to be, will be brought to bear witness at this time. Crucial choices will be made and will manifest in this very time dispensation. All hidden, will be revealed. The wise are in preparation to receive the revelation. The teacher teaches those who are ready to learn. The guide guides those who are ready to follow. The master serves all who are ready to follow the teachings. The one who knows, teaches, guides and serves in this transformation which is here even now. Seek, knock, ask and be shown the way.

On the verge of tomorrow…
As the future pushes into the present,
the present labours to give birth to the future.
In Love do we labour,
In Truth do we grow.

Only by flowing with the pains of labour, shall this push in time be realized. Only those labouring to align themselves with Truth, shall participate in the new birth. Thru attraction shall the two become One, shall the two forces, present and future, meet and a new day begin. Let not the pull of the past lure anyone from what is to be. Only those of like nature, who labour in Love, will be drawn into this forward thrust. Those who are as I AM shall recognize me at my coming.

Nazir Sister S. K. A. Kedem