The one thing in life that everyone is sure of. Everyone goes thru changes, changes their mind, gets change for a dollar, grows old and dies… Given the ignorance of the world, all thoughtfull souls should be skeptical about the appearance of change and the many adjuncts which are placed around the world itself… I have heard whispers in the sanctuary of life eternal…

Change gives meaning to our existence, not existence in total, but your and my personal existence. Think about it, what point would there be to living (not to life-that’s another story) but to living, what excitement would we have if we didn’t have some something to go thru changes over. Ever been extremely upset about some perceived wrong, so upset with someone that all you could see was red? And spent much energy contemplating on all the things you wanted to say when you got ahold to the unfortunate individual? When the confrontation came, and you were about to give them a piece of your mind, to prove your rightness, the person apologized or in some way the situation was no longer as severe as you thought. Suddenly, you were no longer justified to prove your point, gratify your urge to cause someone pain and make yourself feel superior. You were left subtly frustrated because you had some changes you wanted to go thru, and now what to do? Watch “human nature” and you will see clearly that we go out of our way (or should it be said, off the path) looking for changes, do those things necessary to keep them going. Trouble doesn’t come looking for you, you go out looking for it. Why? Because you like sensations, the bigger the better. If it were not so, you would see no difference between the folly of a small child and the folly of the world. Neither would hold you in its grip, and you would be in control. Another example is sickness. Everyone enjoys being sick. You get attention, sympathy, maybe lounge around waiting for someone to come with a tray of food. You get a chance to talk about what ails you, lean on someones shoulder. Think of all the fun you have.

But you say…look around, life is change, everything around us is in a state of change. And I’m not having any fun either. Look, the seasons change, my body grows old, clothes wear out, prices fluctuate. And everybody gets upset or sick, that’s only natural, its a part of life. There isn’t a thing on earth which doesn’t experience change…But I say to you…You treasure your changes. And in return they rob you of your birthright…I have heard whispers in the sanctuary of love everlasting…
But you say…look, nature is in a constant state of change, and my body is growing old, this is a fact. I say to you that change is a property of nature, not of you. Change is a natural phenomena, and as you have dominion over nature, you also have dominion over change. And it has been written…be fruitful and multiply, replenish the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the Earth…Understand that the sea represents the emotions, the air represents the mind and the Earth represents the body. As above, so below. As we have gone out in the name of material advancement and subdued nature, so we must go within in the name of spiritual advancement and subdue the mind, body and emotions. Subdue means to be in control, not out of control. And moreover we are here to be fruitful, multiply and replenish. We are here to further our growth on all levels…mentally, physically and spiritually, not to be controlled, drained, depleted and driven to the grave. We have looked without and saw change. We saw the seasons change. We saw the body grow old. In ignorance, we internalized this natural phenomena. We are equipped with much more than these “natural functions”. We have reason and will. Thus this change we allowed within is personal. And being personal, it has taken on qualities which are in no way the same as those in nature. Nature is impersonal, it is governed by, it does not govern. Hence we go thru changes–nature does not, we change our mind—nature has not the mind to change, and the list goes on. I have heard whispers in the sanctuary of worlds without end…

And so we find ourselves in the middle of a whirlpool of change, within and without. Craving it, for it covers up our ignorance of not knowing who, what or why we are here. It gives us something to hold on to…me and its accompanying labels of being happy or sad, rich or poor, wise or foolish…There does come a point in time
when one truly doesn’t find change exciting anymore. Whether the thrill was on the up side—happy, rich or wise, or upside down—sadomasochistic, inflicting oneself and others with sadness, poverty and ignorance. There are times in extreme crisis when disgust wells up from within. It is in these moments that one reaches out to forces higher than man and nature. But this inner call varies in degrees. The lowest of these degrees is the temporary feeling of detachment which goes away with the crisis. When the crisis is over, one’s strong attachment to the games of the world draws one back. Of the higher degrees, those of sincere and profound realization of the sorrows of the world, go on to greater levels of awareness…other worlds. Thus change holds us captive, but also holds within its effects the means of escape. Change serves as tests which one can pass or fail in varying degrees. It assists one to see thru this lurid menagerie we call fun, and eventually passover to the shore of eternity.

One last point, change has become associated very closely with complaining. Stop complaining, in large and small ways, if you would passover. This is the test of a true seeker, a saint in the becoming.

Understand, when something has changed, that thing is no more. This is death. In reality, death is change. Life is eternal. I have heard whispers in the sanctuary of life eternal and love everlasting, where the sun neither rises nor sets. Of worlds without end because we never die, just ascend the winding stairwell to infinity—where peace has no ending because peace is a state of being…and being is.

If ever a tree was lonely,
The flowers of the field would cry.
If this me was the one and only,
All of eternity would die.
If ever a day came and went without sorrow,
All the stars in heaven would bow.
If there were no longer a tomorrow,
We would know the ever newness of now.
You see change is as real as your shadow,
Only there when the sun is blocked out.
True to you as long as you follow,
Its whims, whining, and complaining about.
I’ve heard whispers from the breeze by the shore,
Of the day when life eternal would reign.
Where the tide would go out no more,
And love everlasting would dissolve all pain.

Nazir Sister S. K. A. Kedem