Choose the Good

10 good reasons to withdraw from junk food
(this includes, but not limited to, all food stuffs containing chemical additives, including fruits and vegetables sprayed with insecticides; synthetic drugs including aspirin, cough medicines and floridated/ chlorinated water; all intoxicants such as alcohol, cigarettes and coffee; and, of course, fast foods)

1. It’s not food. It cannot be digested properly, if at all. No denial.
2. Ignorance comes from the root “to ignore”.
3. You will begin to immunize yourself from the modern day plagues called cancer, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart attack, aids, and the host of other diet-related ailments.
4. Your children can live in a drug free zone– home.
5. Those researchers who promote those addictions will be given the incentive to use their talents to reveal the ‘gift of life’ instead of instituting the kiss of death.
6. Peace begins within you. Don’t fight disease. Love and nourish your health.
7. It’s a natural wrinkle remover. Remove all those unnecessary, unsightly bags and sags. Discover (uncover) the natural beauty of coming to age graced with the designs of nature.
8. Your Mother will be divinely moved by your act of compassion.
9. The only way to go now is up. Why wait? Sooner or later you will have to make your move. Don’t get stuck here.
10. It’s time to get on with evolution. A better way of living life awaits us as a collective whole.

7 good reasons to become Vegetarian
(abstaining from eating flesh and it’s adjacent blood and guts)

1. Face it, you do not have the fangs for it. Our teeth are designed to chew/ grind vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits.
2. You cannot stomach it. Our digestive juices are not adequate for the thorough assimilation of putrid, rottening flesh. In many instances, this carcass must sit in the stomach for an excessive length of time, causing untold misery, while our system exhausts it’s energy in the process of breaking it down… at least to the stage where it can be passed on.
3. The fear, cries, moans and groans of our younger brothers will no longer race through your blood. Neither will the mark of the beast be imprinted in your cells. That which you sow, so shall you reap.
4. The test results are in. Millions of people have died from an over intake of protein. Millions more suffer with ill health due to a meat based diet.
5. If you need to lose weight, you will lose it. If you need to gain weight, you will gain it. Calms the mind, quiets the nerves naturally. Regain your youthful glow without rubbing it on your skin, popping it in your mouth, spooning it from a bottle, keeping it out of the reach of children, counting out the calories, stretching it over your stomach, hiding it from sight; without faking it, dyeing it, covering it up, having it cut out, and, in the end, left wondering if any of it will work.
6. Whether you live or die will not be dependent on an 18 wheeler. When you are aware, life abounds. All you need do is look under your feet, look across the field.
7. You, yourself… feed the hungry of the world, restore the ecological balance of the earth, usher in peace, truth, light, and love. Small gestures do have profound consequences. Explore the immense ramifications of this one simple act.