Conversation with Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD)

At the Veil of Truth in New Orleans (1988 or so)

..Now we’re speaking about cows. Cows produce milk
for cows. And the milk comes
through cows for calves.
And the calf’s mother has teats.
And the little calf
drinks on the cows’ teats. And when the little calf
grows out of the need of the cows teats,
it starts eating grass. It starts eating whole food
s and grass and things like that. Just like a
baby is suppose to have mamas teats,
a calf is suppose to have cows teats
However when the baby grows out of the need for moms teats
, it eats food. And
when the calf grows out of the need for the cows’ t
eats, it eats grass. Now you have people
that are, yourself probably included, that would sa
y, ’Okay, well – I’m no longer a baby,
and I’m not a calf, and I’m not even a cow —– but I
still want to drink cows milk
Or I still want to drink goats milk
. But I’m not a goat
, I’m not a calf, I’m
not a cow. I am a grown man
. I’m a grown man, and being a grown man – I don’t
need to be drinking milk from moms teats, you know.
I can go to McDonalds – you know,
using something like that
. Is that simple enough?
[Well like you don‘t want milk be-
cause you think it‘s just for babies?]
No, I don’t want milk because I don’t have any need
for it.
[I mean like, you know milk is good in ice cream and all that, chocolate milk…]
it’s good for your desires, it’s good for your desires. It’s because you’ve been pro-
grammed and conditioned into things of that nature
. You’ve been programmed
and conditioned into the things of that nature and
you’ve got an addiction to it
You’re a milk-aholic
You’re a milk-aholic, you’re a chocolate-aholic, you’re a
milk addict
, you’re a cheese addict – of course it’s good to you. You tell anyone
that crack is not good for them, and they say, ‘Yeah, but I like that, I need that. It’s good
for me. I might get sick, I might go through changes, and I might fall down the stairs, or
alcohol – drink a little too much, fall down the stairs and everything else. But I like it, it’s
. You know, ‘I smoke a cigarette, smoke a couple of
cigarettes. I cough and
everything. And there’s a billboard saying Smoking
is Hazardous To Your Health. But
what is that? I like it. It’s my life. I do what I
like to do, and I suffer the consequences’.
And everybody’s got an excuse for what they like to
do. They’ve got a taste for what they
want to do. They’ve got everything. So, it’s their
life, they do what they want to do with it,
because it’s theirs
[Yeah, but I mean milk is healthy, and white bread
is healthy too, and cheese and all that.]
You say that because you’re talking through ignorance, you’re talk-
ing through ignorance. White bread is not good for
you, but like I said, if you like it, if
that’s what you feel you need, and that’s as far as
your education goes – then it’s good for
[I mean, uh, white bread is really good for you. A
sandwich wouldn‘t taste as good with
different kind of bread.]
Well, that’s what I said. It’s because of your conditioning and programming.
[And it IS good for you too.]
Okay, white bread is good for you because that’s
what you like, and that’s it, that’s beautiful. Now
I’m not going to argue the point for you.
Like I said, if it’s good for you, it’s good for yo
u. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And
I cannot infringe my opinions, I can’t infringe my
information, I can’t infringe my life on
[And like, um, I don‘t smoke or drink but I know that adults , uh, like to smoke and
drink – you know, I think that‘s a part of being an adult – smoking and drinking.]
Well good…
[I think drinking is made for adults, and you know,
I don‘t think that should change.
I think people should be able to drink and smoke when they become an adult.]
[Because, like you said you didn’t want drinking or
smoking, you know.]
Well, you just live
according to your life then. See, and that says that you couldn’t come in here and live.
You couldn’t come within this Community and live be
cause the disciplines would be a little too much for you.
[I mean, they have people that wear them robes, and
they’re in Africaand Asia and all. And they still do all them things.]
You would be uncomfortable, but…
[I mean wearing a robe shouldn‘t make you change anything.]
Well, no it won’t, it won’t
make you change anything. Whether living in Africa
or Asia or wherever anyone is liv-
ing, they’re living according to their life, they’re living according to their experiential
need, and that’s their life and that’s their need and that’s the way they live, and that’s
their business. I have no problem with that.
[But I mean, you want them to wear the robe
and change everything, you know.]
I’m not telling anybody to wear anything. Just like I
told you, those that want to make the necessary cha
nges that we are going through…
[Well, that‘s trying to make them change.]
No, no…
[seeing as they have to do that to be a
apart of that]
…no, no, no, no, they come in and they say this is what it is to be a part of
this. And they choose for themselves whether they want to be a part of this. And if they do
not want to be a part or this, they will not come i
nto this. They will go and put some green
on, or some blue, or they’ll wear purple if they want to wear purple, that’s their business
and they live their life according to the way they
want to live it. I’m saying, that when you
come here – here are some rules, regulations that you live by. And if you don’t want to live
by these rules and regulations, that’s your busines
s, go somewhere else, and live according
to the way you think you should be living. Those that say, ‘Oh yes, I like those rules and
regulations because I agree with them, and this is
what I’ve been looking for and looking
to all my life. I want to be a part of this because
I feel one with it, because my views, my
thoughts, the way I want to live life is in accord
with this
[Yeah and uh, people could get
married and live in there too?]
Well see, the thing is I feel at this point I should not answer
any more of your questions due to the fact that you’re just talking.
[Yeah, well it‘s nothing
wrong with getting some information and talking.]
Oh, that’s beautiful, that’s beautiful but
I don’t want to just be having vain conversations.
[Well I was wondering, you know, even
before I talked to you about that, if people get married in there too.]
You’re doing a book report?
[No, just was wondering if I could have got married
in there, you know.]
You canget married where ever you are –
why don’t you go and get you some one that likes white
bread and marry them and you won’t have any problems.
[If I was living in the Community, how would I get married?]
If you came in the Community and you say I want to
getmarried and you say – ‘but I like white bread’ – and some say – ‘but I like whole wheat
bread’ – and you say – ‘okay what are we going to
do to bridge this gap. Let’s match information.’ And you match information, and you say
‘Well no, information doesn’t have
anything to do with it. I just like white bread and
you like whole wheat bread and that’sit’.
[I mean people still get married even if they like
different things, you know.]
Of coursethey can.
[But I mean how does that work?]
But they can’t when certain people have taken
upon themselves to go through various changes and go through various disciplines in their
life, and they take it upon themselves to live according to certain disciplines – when they
have someone pulling in the opposite direction – you need support. That’s what soul mates
are. When you have people going together, they need
to support each others efforts. And
they should be as much in tune to each other, as much in tune to each others goals as they
possibly can be to support and help each other to attain the goal.
[You mean like if they
wasn‘t in the Community and they liked different things, then they could get married, but
when they‘re in the Community – then they can‘t do
that no more, right?]
No, when you’re
in the Community , or when you’re in a particular order – of course I know a lot of Chris-
tians and Muslims marry together, and Jews and Hind
us marry together, and things like
[Well, if they get married, then they couldn‘t be in the Community anymore, right?]
I’m not saying that. I’m not saying that. I’m telling you that I know people that are mar-
ried and they have different outlooks and different
religious beliefs, different spiritual beliefs and different disciplines – and they go in their opposite direction and they have chil-
dren, and their children are kind of on the fringe
ground of it – they don’t know whether
they’re coming or going – their split in between mommy and daddy related to whether
I’m going to be this, that or the other. And they go through a lot of confusion – but they
should be themselves of course. But when you go into certain areas, you should have
someone more attuned to the direction that you’re going in that would be of more benefit,
more support towards you attaining the goal. And there would be less static, argumentation, resistance, separateness.
[Well like, when you‘re in a Community and you get
the Community provides a place for you and everything, and money and all that?]
Those are
things that you have no authority or right to be go
ing into all these little things when what
I’m saying to you is you need to go and get someone
that wants to live life the way you like
to live it…