Food… monotonous, second only to breathing, closely followed by cleanliness. Life seems to abound in routine, conscious and unconscious, by choice and by necessity. The world itself goes round and round. Life seems to be an immersion in circles within cycles upon circles of repetition. It has been ascertained that there is nothing new under the Sun. If this is verily so, could it be that beyond the Sun lies a newness, a freshness where circles, cycles and even spirals do not exist. Think of all the repetitious actions we take part in on this revolving wheel called Life… breathing in just to breathe out again, cleaning things which are just going to get dirty once more, filling up with food at one end just to be eventually (and hopefully) emptied out at the other end. These endless revolutions give way to dizziness and confusion. Feelings of futility, frustration and entrapment surround one’s being. Even these feelings are subject to come and go. At every turn we are faced with monotony. But upon closer investigation…

Food... monotonous, second only to breathing, closely followed by cleanliness. Think of all the things, all the actions we are compelled to engage in over and over and over again. And moreover, when necessity is turned around, turned upside down by choice, the circle becomes vicious. We eat to live. This has become a function we are compelled to enact by nature. Unfortunately, by choice we over indulge, we turn around and live to eat…. and a vicious circle commences. Understand, monotony and repetition is neither bad nor good. But when we let our lower nature get entangled… circles become vicious. These circles can become hypnotizing, thoughts become habitual, losing their strength as there becomes no need to exercise the mind. This allows the tyrants called desire and passion to be unleashed and run around in the mind and out the body. And another circle is closed. Perhaps beyond the Sun lies a stillness where things cannot be turned around.

Food… the gateway to life and death. With each mouthful, we kill a form of life so it seems, extract its essence, assimilate it- all to keep our system running (…running to where??? Running in circles perhaps…). We kill in the name of life. Compelled, forced, thrown into this mad dance called life and death. And we find enjoyment in this mad dance. We stretch our minds and stomachs extensively, coming up with a multitude of delicacies to keep our level of satisfaction satisfactory. An endless pastime. We come up with all sorts of connoctions to stuff down our throats which become putrid and are eventually excreted. And so we roll over into the grave. Life must kill to live, kill to die, so it seems. It has been said of old- Our body feeds upon food while we live, and when we die… food feeds upon our body. From life proceeds death, from death proceeds life. What goes around, comes around. You are what you eat physically. You are what you think mentally. But… you are what you are spiritually. Perhaps beyond the Sun lies an original state where round thing have no meaning.

A thought on the art of eating.
EAT is in the heART of dEATh
DIE is the beginning of DIET
Cause and Effect… Eat and be Eaten– So Be It.
In truth:
Man does not live by bread
but by the living brEATh of the Spirit!
Cause and Effect…
BrEATh of the Spirit of Life
Thus shall you be of the Spirit!– So Be It.
Why does it seem as though unceasingly, one form must give its life that another may live?


Food… symbolic of those laws which created this world of relativity, the wheel of life and death.
Structure, form, cause and effect, transition… herein lies a key. Food is structured with those nutrients, those
energy vibrations, necessary to maintain the body. This energy, when infused into form, causes life as we perceive it. Death appears when this energy is released from form. Life and death present themselves to us because our focus of attention is on the vessel which houses this energy. In the case of food, its form ceases to be when the energy within it is transmitted, by eating, into the body. This transmission of energy allows the body to continue in its life processes. But follow closely, for the energy itself does not die, only the vessel from whence it came ceases to be as it was. Energy, the animating force of form, remains. It flows from one form to another animating it with life.

As the point in the very center of a circle remains unmoved, even as the circle revolves, the Essence of All sits in the center of the wheel of life and death remaining unmoved, even as the wheel rotates infusing and releasing energy from one form to another. And it is this very flow of energy which causes the wheel to turn. Thus our being sits in the center. That portion, that spark of our being which is attracted to form, looks outward, towards a perifery, sees form come and go, calls this life and death. Being hypnotised, mesmerized by this procession, this dance, becomes forgetful of the center, believes the vessels or forms to be all that is, attaches itself to these temporary objects… and woe unto the world.
In actuality, form is inanimate. It only supports the essence which enters form. When energy is released, the vessel cannot die, for it never lived. And conversely, when energy is infused into form, this vessel does not live for it is inanimate. Follow intently… form colaeses and disperses, is and is not, by attraction. When form is not, it rests in what can be termed the universal storehouse of potentiality. Structure, or thought, creates form by constructing energy patterns which attract or pull form to it. Then when energy, directed by the spark of the Divine Essence, is infused into form, it comes to life so to speak. When form is devoid of energy, it disperses and returns to whence it came, thru a natural affinity to the universal storehouse.
We are as passengers, passing thru form. Our vehicle of travel is the body. This vehicle is charged by the reverberating energy of the universe, the cosmic rhapsody. We are not the body. We are not form. We are not even the energy which animates it. These are but manifestations eminating from and thru the Source of All. We are each a spark of the Divine Essence of All. As the Divine Essence of All is in All, verily we are not only a minute spark but the total conflaguration of the Divine. I am That, That I am.
Why, if the spark of the Divine lies within form… why does the body crave food, why would there be a need for food to replenish the body. Is the Divine spark lacking in some way? Understand, our higher nature needs no food nor desires the denseness of form. But by our descent into matter, we degenerated into our present state by misuse and overindulgence. Even while in the body, we originally received nourishment directly from the Sun and the air we breathed. How did this state of affairs come to be?


Follow intently and you will see how life and death can be brought down into symbols and terms translatable to an open mind. Understand, there is much more than pen and paper can hold.
The emergence of and our immersion into the world of form, the wheel of life and death, has been alluded to in the following passages…

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat of it, for in the day that you eat thereof, you shall surely die…
Good and evil represent the world of relativity, the world of opposites, ie wisdom and woe, pleasure and pain, is and is not, appearances which come and go, round and round. And as is the experience of us all, to eat gives way to desire and indulgence. Hence, to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil connotes the giving in to the desires of the lower nature and indulging in the world of relativity. This can on one level be interpreted as death because this is a realm of form and form is inert or dead matter so to speak. Also, the level of ignorance in this world is profuse, the vibratory rate is slow and this slowness connotes death.

In the day you eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened and you shall be as Creators, knowing good and evil…
It was the ability to look without, the use of eyes to be exact, which began the descent or death into form, the hypnotism on the wheel of life and death. Opening the eyes means to know, to become aware of. And with knowledge one is able to think. As all thought creates thought forms which condense in varying degrees into denser form, we are the creators of this relative world of form. An example of this process is the construction of a building. First, the thought must be conceived in the mind, then transferred into blueprints, which are finally constructed from materials of the earth. As above, so below. With the potential for outward vision, a spark(s) of the Divine Essence looked without, saw the potential of form, sought to experience it, submerged into thought form, ate of its fruit, opened its eyes to the knowledge of good and evil which is latent in form, became creators of this material world, became attached to its experiences… and the rest is history.

And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also her husband with her and he did eat. And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked… Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of Life, and eat, and live forever…
Here another aspect can be added to the story, the concept of the good and the pleasant. The good represents the high and noble spiritual food which we can partake of and obtain eternal life, our true abode. The pleasant represents the low and ignoble friut of desires and passions which toss man to and fro with an insatiable appetite. Hence the Garden has in its mist, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil which is the path of passion that leads out of the Garden. And the tree of Life which is the path of compassion that leads to life everlasting. To eat of the fruit from the tree of good and evil, that is to choose the pleasant, caused man to know his nakedness or enter into form, animate it, giving form the appearance of life and its consort death. To eat of the tree of Life, man must first seek it, seeking being the preparation necessary for attainment, and when found, eat of its food and awaken to the reality of our never changing essence… live forever.

Consider this rhythm or story of Creation… The essence of our being, the Divine essence, hold within the potentiality of All known and unknown, Omniscience. This world within worlds is the expression of knowing thru outward vision. Knowing begot thinking, and to think is to create. There were certain tools and abilities necessary to create or express outward vision of which Will, energy and form are integral components. These components express the configuration of a triangle or trinity. In essence, a spark of the Divine Essence looked without, saw the potential of form, thought, beheld form, willed to enter this realm, began to flow in and out of form by means of energy transference, animating it, setting the wheel of life and death in motion. Thru attraction, these revolutions had a hypnotizing effect and forgetfullness set in, the Cosmic dream. This final course of events came about by the development of the lower nature which was the outcome of the higher nature being brought down or solidified into matter. The chief characteristic of the lower nature being the solidification of Will into desire. Attraction to the experiences in this realm allowed the emerging lower nature to gain more and more control over time. And vicious cycles unsued… This is exemplified in the vicious cycle of food. When man first entered form, the body was directly nourished by the Sun and Air. There are certain organs in the body which are able to assimilate energy in this manner. As the body and mind weakened by the degeneration of the lower nature thru desire, these organs atrophied as other organs came into dominance to accommodate this degeneration. There are organs in the body at present which lay dormant, which man knows not their function or use. And incidentally, man uses only 1/10th of his brain.



Thus man is a spark of the Divine Essence of All which has descended into matter, and to which man
Will by the Cosmic Law of Attraction, by the Omnipotence which is the Divine Essence, ascend once more to his
original nature or state of being. A state which man has never really left because this is all thought produced and is in reality an illusion which man has trapped his Self in. The bond between the lower and higher Self cannot be severed for I AM THAT I AM. And this bond is the One path which integrates and unites all paths. Thus all paths lead to the Source. The source, the Divine Essence of All is not expressable in any form, yet is expressed thru all forms. No words can be used to define it, yet it was, is and ever Will be the First Word. There is no it-ness to the Divine, yet to it we are ultimately drawn.
*NOTE: To descend is used only diagramatically. In truth, man cannot descend or ascend anywhere because he is of the Divine Essence, and the Divine Essence is Omnipresent. Matter is dense, it is a slowing down of vibration and therefore connotes descent. This is illustrated when vapors condense, “fall downward” as water which in turn solidify into the impenetrable form of ice as the vibratory rate decreases. A state of relativity is created as a fast vibration is considered high and a slower vibration is considered low. This can be compared to the ascent of free flowing air, as opposed to the constricting and restricting state of an earth bound rock.

Food... monotonous, second only to breathing, closely followed by cleanliness. An interplay between is and is not, the dance of coming in and going out, the world of relativity… the beatitudes of monotony, the rhapsody of the Cosmos. Transition… from life to death, more life, more death. Attached to what is seen… life. Fearful of what is not…death. Yet man enacts this tragic drama of attachment and fear, attachment to fear, attachment is fear, thru innumerable cyclic processions. Man cherishes form as life, so much so that upon death, he shakes with horror because to the mind, death is intangible. Death remains a mystery to man even after these long ages because he fears the unknown. Form is tangible, it can be held, felt and manipulated by the body and senses. Therefore the lower nature tries to hold on to it tightly, even though form comes and goes. This carries the mind to and fro as it tries to make these illusions a reality. Man’s fears and attachments have held him suspended in the maya, in the world of illusion, to return once more again and again until he awakens from this dream state and begin the journey home.
A similie was expressed thousand of years ago portraying man’s plight as that of a chariot… The Self (higher nature, spark of the Divine) is the rider, the body is the chariot (form), the intellect is the charioteer (Will and Reason), the mind is the reigns (the bond that merges the higher to the lower self), the senses are the horses (lower nature), and the roads are the mazes of desire. Wise is the one whose charioteer is clear thinking and has control of the reigns. Woe unto him whose charioteer lets the horses run rampant. The Self, which sits within the chariot or body, is either guided safely thru its sojourn in this realm, or is tossed to and fro along the winding roads of desire. And ‘woe’ is the path chosen by those who would remain attached to form. A tragic drama indeed as man is entrapped by choice, by using Will and Reason to desirous ends, which endlessly begin again.

Our eyes see life come and go, yet refuse to see rebirth. To see that we return. To see that there is truely nothing new under the Sun. That death cannot exist as an end, for we return out of fear that we will not. The mystery of life and death is the portal to liberation.
Understand, this thing called death does not only take form in opposition to life as we perceive it. Our attitudes and personality betray and portray life and death. Thoughts come and go from us creating our circumstances… The Death I Die Daily… Are you fascinated by the games of the world? If so, know that you die, are consumed, in the fires of illusion. Is bodily comfort your major concern in life? Know it will wear you out as you try to fill a bottomless basket called desire. It will drag you to your grave. Are you aware of your state of illusion but continue in large ways and small to deceive yourself, perhaps under the guise of staying in the mad race to held others? Understand that you are only adding fuel to the fire of death, like a person on their deathbed smoking their last cigarette. And beware the fiery circles of reliving past mistakes.
If it can be stated thus, there is only one true death. To die to this world is the last death. You turn no more on the wheel when you turn no more to the deceptions and illusionary nature of the world, of life and death. You need not leave this world to effect this final death. The center becomes your abode, in the world but not of it.

We say death is nothing to fear, we make allusions to reincarnation, speak of love eternal and life everlasting, flowery words of the hereafter, but… What is the reality of our condition? Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there. For in truth, the only way to get to where we are To Be is to die to death, and Live the Life. End all fear. To begin this ‘true death’, so to speak, one must plant thought seeds within, affirmations of our highest aspirations and ideals. These thoughts flow from our higher nature and Will in time draw us nearer to the center. These seeds must be planted again and again when the illusions of the world uproot them. We must nurture them, watch our thoughts carefully lest our aspirations wither. Use reason to discern the Real from the Unreal. Exercise proper use of the mind and body to stay awake, to keep clear of the hypnotizing effects of this relative world. Desire to know truth as Truth. This Will leave no room for the lower desires to attach themselves. To know, as it was in the beginning, beyond thinking which is the creator of attachments, is the eye of the target. To Be, which is a state where the heaviest of sorrows nor the greatest of delights cannot disturb the stillness. To Truly know, to bring knowledge of Truth into this realm that man would experience the world of creation thru the Higher Self-Experience cycles which are not vicious. Know the meaning of circles and spirals and grow therein, grow into the center. To partake of the food of the Divine, which is the Breath of Life, and attain to the ever newness which lies beyond the Sun.