How long has this community been in existence


Peace, Reverend Kedem,

How long has this community been in existence? Who exactly are you? Where have you studied? I am pressed for time right now…at work. Just found out about this monestary and I am quite frankly curious about it. From what I have read and heard it echos most of my sentiments/beliefs/values, etc. I am searching right now. Interested in knowing more about The Purple People and YOU specifically. I am a very opened minded person-perhaps too open minded for my own good and safety sometimes. Hate game playing and superficial people so I will come right out and admit what keeps coming on my mind and heart when I think of The Purple People…have people affiliated you ever with a cult? I plan to meet with one of your members who is local at this time. And, I look forward to having the time later today to read all I can about The Purple People. I want to know more. I am always seeking enlightment. I want to know the truth. I am interested in knowing what you are about. …

(Signed) name


Peace be with you (name),

Since beginingless time throughout all existence. On an infinite journey and there are always further attainments. An emanation of the Divine Essence of All That Is, Was and Ever Shall Be – as you are and all existence as well. Have studied life-being, existence-being, and different forms of being, degrees, dimensions, levels, vehicles, experiences – learning, growing, transcending, ascending toward the return through the studies, experiences, consciousness expansion, further spiritual development. Beyond the body, beyond the mind – towards the realm sublime, Divine. Being and seeing the union, the oneness, the collective effort towards the direction, the consciousness expansion and further spiritual development throughout all existence, all being, all seeing. None fleeing from their true inner being. Curiosity is not the call. To stumble is not to fall… but to go forward faster, through recognition, observation. However, if one does fall, then one must crawl, forward, in the direction, the ascension. One must be open to receive. Safety is the ascension beyond the body, beyond the mind, entering the realm Divine.

Do not hate… transcend that word. Love and rise above through love. Do the work for the work’s sake- not for the reward. Do that which one knows to be right… because one has recognized the rightness of it according to their degree of awareness, experiential need. Karmic reactions. You get what you are, you get what you pay for. What you are is the plane of consciousness you’re travelling on. According to the attainments, limitations, fixations you attract, you are attracted on your spirallic journey into higher and higher levels and degrees of attunement, awareness and utilization of the information gained through the experience, the journey. The pay is the effort one puts into utilizing the information gained through the experiences. There’s a saying: “you reap what you sow. do unto others as you would have them do unto you” or- as you do unto others so shall it be done unto you (karma). Yes, have been thought of as a cult. Those thinking, displaying their limitations generally not knowing what a cult truly is and that they may be members of a cult themselves, according to the meaning of the word. Continue to seek enlightenment. That is the direction. Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. It is not game playing. It is life-living. Live the life, know the love. Transcend above through love. Embrace the love from above. Peace be with all. Rise above the fall. Hear the call. Assist. Serve all. In truth, in light, in love to rise above the illusion, the confusion, the distractions, the obstructions, the block. To give the correct knock, the correct word, thought, deed, to enter in through the receiver, the dweller on the threshold. Everyone wants to go to heaven, no one wants to die to get there. One must be ready to fly beyond the sky into the heavens. Walk with their feet on the ground and their heads in the clouds, at a particular stage of their development, to keep their sights toward the heights, their projections, their emanations, their transmissions to the ascension, the return.

Peace be with you
Reverend Kedem


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