Pat Life Regression – Inner Wisdom

A dear being to Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) of many years, perhaps many lives, David Bernstein (whose law office and practice was located in the same building as, and next door to, the Veil of Truth Omniversity/ Center for Metaphysical and Esoteric Learning in New Orleans), related to Reverend Nazirmoreh(A.B.R.D.) that he was expanding his gift as a regressionist, and on one occasion (about 8 years ago – before the time of this writing in 1997) at the Veil of Truth, asked and was given permission by Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) to do a past life regression.The following is a full recitation of the experience which unfolded that day…

(note: The Reverend (A.B.R.D.) being aware through observation that David would come into the Veil of Truth Omniversity prior to proceeding to important law cases – to attune to the energies, to utilize  the energies – walking the circumference of the Omniversity, and after attuning- would leave to perform his services. David, a beautiful being, gave all the assistance that he could give Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.),the Order, the Service, the effort towards the consciousness expansion and further spiritual development throughout all existence – – – a true and devout helper/supporter.)

(…the bubble is rising to the ceiling…taking Yo
u up to the clouds… count backwards …
drift in the direction where Your Inner Wisdom feel
s You should go …7 …6 …5 …4
now starting to descend, it’s coming down, at 1 it
will gently land on the
cloud …3…2…1…You emerge… can You tell me
if You’re indoors or outdoors) … I
can’t tell yet… (things are becoming clearer as I
count down 3 …2 …1 can You tell if
You’re in a male or female body)… male … (and c
an You see what You’re wearing) …
no … (are you alone) …yes… (how old are you)
…I couldn’t say … (can You tell me
what You’re doing) … I appear to be laying down,
and while I’m laying down, My Inner
Self is … leaving the physical body. It’s going o
ut of it … (what’s causing You to experi-
ence a physical death) … I don’t see anything oth
er than that … (and is it a peaceful
experience) … yes … (I’m going to give You a mo
ment just to go through this transition
and experience it … … … (let’s go back in tim
e now, to an experience during the life-
time You were just examining to see if there is any
thing useful to understand about
that life. As I count backwards we’re going to go i
nto another experience during that
life …5…4 …3 …2 …1 are You indoors or out
doors) … I seem to be in the same
spot … (are You still experiencing the, going thr
ough the death, the physical death) …
somehow I don’t feel as though it’s a death … (ar
e You in bed) … no, I feel as tho I am
outside and I have risen out of the body. I can see
characteristics of what I look like out
of the body. And I see a long white beard and long
white hair … (and You’re hovering
above the body) … I’m standing beside it … (wha
t are You feeling as You’re standing
besides the body) … looking, just looking around.
Just looking around. Seems like I’m
trying to decide where I’m going to go from there .
.. (are You surprised to still be
alive) … no … (do You know what sort of life Yo
u led) … I’m wearing a long robe. I just
see Myself standing there, in that appearance, with
a long robe on, looking around … (I
want to pose a question to Your Inner Wisdom, and I
will count backwards – what is the
significance of this experience …3 …2 …1 …)
… I couldn’t say … (let’s move on to an-
other life, wherever it would be best to go. And I’ll begin to count backwards.
When I reach 1 we’ll be looking at another episode
…10 …9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1
are You in a male or female body) … male … (are
You a young man or old man) … old … (and
are You alone or with people) … alone … (what a
re You doing) … running … (what does the
land look like) … forest … (are you running for
a reason) … I don’t know, I don’t know the rea-
son. But I seem to be trying to get away from somet
hing … (do You know what part of the world
You’re in) …no. It’s a rain forest … (what do Y
ou look like) … long white beard, long white
hair … (what are You wearing) … I get two pictu
res. A picture of a robe and almost the same
figure that I had when I came out of the body. Then
I get a picture of a loincloth … (is this the
same life that we were just looking at) … I could
n’t say … (what do You do in this life that we
were just looking at) … I feel as though at the t
ime I was a recluse. However, it seems as tho I
had some connection with the outer world thru stude
nts or teaching. And that somehow I had
stirred up the anger of, or the resentment of certa
in people of that time … (could You tell who
Your adversaries are) … no, I just get a lot a pi
ctures going thru My mind, different time peri-
ods, of different people … (what do You teach in
this life) …peace, love, gentle teachings …
(are You part of a tradition) … yes …(and what
tradition would that be) … I couldn’t say. I
could just say that it’s very ancient, since beginn
ingless time. But I can’t categorize it or put a
label on it … (do You have a library) … I see a
cave … (what’s in the cave) … I see vague ob-
jects, but it seems as tho it’s coming from suggest
ion. Maybe not totally from that period or that
time, but things that I have experienced or that I
have known from other times, other experi-
ences … (so there may be ritual objects in this l
ife that You’ve known from other lives) …
yes … (what sort of ritual objects are You talkin
g about) … I can’t say … (can You see who
Your students are) … … (were You taught by some
one in the life You’re examining) …I don’t
see Myself being taught … (do You sense that this
is an ancient incarnation, or something
within the last 1000 years) … same thing …(let’
s move on then, to another significant experi-
ence either in this life that You’re looking at or
another life. You’ll begin to drift, as I count
backwards to, to another time, another place …10
…9 …8 …7 …6 …5 …4 …3 …2 …1 are
You in a male or female body) … male … (and are
You inside or outdoors)…I feel as tho I’m be-
ing called to an experience that I’ve been concerne
d about for some time …(who’s calling
You) … My Inner Self … It seems as tho It’s try
ing to give Me information or more understanding
about an experience I went thru. And I can’t tell w
hether it’s just something that I’ve been con-
cerned about and that I’m just bringing it into exi
stence for that information, or if it is actually
the true re-living of that experience … (well, le
t’s relax into it and see what it feels like. Be-
come very relaxed and peaceful and clear …5 …4
…3 …2 …1 what are You experiencing) …
laying … laying … (why are You laying down) …
ritual … (how old are You in this ritual) …
younger man… (are You the only One going thru the
ritual) … no, there are Others. There are
Elders. I’m the young One, I’m the only One that’s
laying down. I could see Them, but My eyes
are not open. I’m not open – eyes … looking at Th
em, but I see Them. And They’re dancing.
They’re not dancing, but like, doing dance movement
s, but floating. They seem to be floating
above the ground. And the floors are like a deep, d
ark marble – and you can see reflections in
it. And They’re like dancing around the floor in ci
rcles. Floating with long flowing robes, gar-
ments. And They’re making different hand gestures a
nd signs as They dance. I hear sound, like a
sound – but movement. Nothing harsh. It’s smooth, l
ike a wind sound … a wind. Not a breeze,
but a whoofing like, whooff, whoofff, whoofff – as
They move or as They dance … (is this a hard
surface, a hard marble surface You’re laying on) ..
. could be a coffin, a box, or a table, a slab. I
can’t say exactly … (and They’re circling You) ..
. They circled Me and then They’re just dancing
all over the room. It’s like a temple, or a shrine.
And it’s not well lit. It’s got a very
deep … deep, dark vibration, or a look to it. But
I can still see everyone. I can see reflec-
tions on the floor, like the floor was a mirror, a
glass but a dark reflection … (what sort of
powers are They invoking, or prayers They’re reciti
ng) … chants. It seem like a, a joyous
occasion, a love energy. Doesn’t seem to be negativ
e at all. It seems to be positive, happy,
joyous but not … not gaiety, it’s serious. But it
‘s somber, serious, but not sad and fear-
ful … (what sort of ritual is it, what transforma
tion are You undergoing) … it seems like a
resurrection. A raising of degree. What you might c
all an initiation … (are You undergoing
this because of a particular reason … is this wha
t young men go thru in Your stage of
life) … no … It’s because of a – mission … a
preparation … (do You recognize what civili-
zation You’re in, or what tradition You’re in) …
robes, flowing robes – – – that as the dance
is going, you could see the wind and the air and th
e robes flowing, swirling … (do You see
any colors) … it appears to be, which I’m not too
sure, that they could be purple or black
or indigo … (are the Elders wearing anything on T
heir heads) … yes… (what does that
look like) … turbans. It appears that They’re wra
pped in a way that they cover the sides
of the faces. It seems as tho it’s like what I migh
t recall seeing, say in this lifetime, but it’s
more ancient … (can You tell me something about t
he period You’re living in) … no … (do
You live in the temple) … I did, but I was gettin
g ready to leave the temple … (why were
You leaving) … to go on a responsibility, or a mi
ssion … which I had been prepared for …
I see something else happening now. Later on, it’s
like it jumped from one scene to an-
other … (what’s the scene like that You’re now ob
serving) … I’m in a box, like a coffin.
And I was presented with a garment as I was suppose
to come forth out of the box and
choose the garment that I would wear as I went on m
y mission. And it was like a choice as
to which one I would wear. And it was a black garme
nt, a long robe, and a white robe …
(what’s the significance of the black robe) … it
appears as tho it would have been, and it
seems like at the time I wasn’t too sure, but it wa
s like whether it would be, whether I
would walk in secret or whether I would be walking
openly. And One of the – there were
Two Initiates there of those that were to offer Me
the robes or the choice. And One was
trying to, to say, convince Me, or how I don’t know
, it seems as tho He was more or less
pushing this one forward more, the black robe. But
I didn’t want it. I wanted to choose the
white robe … (which one did You choose) … the w
hite one. And when I chose it, They
smiled. But the other One seemed to be in more auth
ority and… He was almost to the
point of asking, or wondering His Self, as to why t
he other One was trying to persuade Me
subtly or whatever way, to take the black robe. But
when I chose the white one, it
seemed Everybody was satisfied. It didn’t seem to b
e any, any, anything concerning it. I
felt kind of urgent about it because I felt as tho
a choice was being infringed on Me, or
what have you, but I didn’t want to accept … (do
You know why He was trying to per-
suade You to choose the black robe) … it seemed a
s tho He was testing Me for some-
thing … (is this, this choosing of the robes, is
this something that was part of the ritual
that we were looking at earlier) … It seems as th
o they were interconnected. This was
like the, the, a part of what had preceded, a while
after, but there were other things in-
between that … (did You have to stay in the ritua
l coffin very long)… that was the, – that
appeared to be the time I was getting ready to leav
e the coffin, but I don’t know exactly
how much time was in-between that period, or how lo
ng I had been in it … (well, let’s fo-
cus on some, let’s look at, – I want to present a question to Your Inner Wisdom,
which You may want to just meditate on it for awhil
e, the answer may come later. But the
question is why, why is it important to look at thi
s ritual. What significance does it have to
You now in this life) … I feel that it was a part
of the preparation that I had went thru in
previous experiences to do some of the things that
I am to do during this lifetime … (and
I’m curious, how did the Initiates choose You. What
were the signs) …I could say that it
was not like a choice, that They chose Me from outs
ide of the Order or the Initiates, or a
choice. It was just that I was there – inside, and
it was for Me to do rather than, say, being
chosen to do it … (perhaps my question was whethe
r They simply knew, or how did They
know that You were One of Them) … because it appe
ars or it seemed to Me that They
knew I was One of Them because I was. And it’s a th
ing whereas we in, say in certain life-
times or certain social, cultural or educational ex
periences, tend to want to intellectualize
things and ask for, I would say outer type credenti
als in the form of certain intellectual ac-
tions or understandings, or even documents or crede
ntials … (did They know before You
were born) … They knew, let’s say, in the inmost
of Our spiritual energy, that Our energies
are the same. And thru that energy, or that vibrati
on, or that feeling, there’s a knowing
that the mind can’t express to someone that is look
ing for an intellectual understanding of
what that feeling or knowing is … (are You still
connected with the other Initiates in this
life) … yes … (going back to the life You’re ex
amining, did You live a long life) … I couldn’t
say. I feel as though it never ended. That this lif
e is a part of that life … (did You have stu-
dents in that life) … I feel …like I did, but I
couldn’t say definitely. I just have a feeling …
(did You have a particular role or function in the
temple) … when you ask questions like
that, it’s like my consciousness be shhifffting. It
‘s shifting into different periods, or differ-
ent times, or different lifetimes. I don’t know whi
ch the situation might be, but it’s like go-
ing into different functions or different activitie
s or responsibilities. And I couldn’t say ex-
actly what it was at that time … (is the traditio
n that You were in, does it feel familiar,
like You may have gone thru that tradition many lif
etimes) … the tradition … I look at the
tradition all the time as not being a tradition as
far as culture or body or a physical tradi-
tion … but a tradition of the Spirit Essence, whi
ch I would say is all traditions. And it ex-
presses Itself thru all traditions. And I find Myse
lf more close to that Spiritual Essence that
channnges as far as mundane activities are concerne
d. But on a spirit plane or a spirit real-
ity or essence, it’s all one energy or if you would
care to say one tradition, which I just
can’t bring Myself to put it in oneee… (I underst
and. The decision You made in that life,
does it have ramifications beyond that life) … so
mehow I find Myself running thru the for-
est again … (what connection do You make) … it
seems as tho the choice, which is not a
choice that would be regretted, but a choice that h
ad to be. And it was the right choice.
However, I feel that Me or Those that know, underst
and that, however, in the world that
we’re working in, there are those that don’t unders
tand or can’t accept, who will make it
difficult, thru their lack of understanding, or wha
t appears to be difficult, for you to do
what it is you have to do. And that is connected wi
th working in the open a lot, whereas at
certain times it appears to be not conducive to you
r mental or physical well-being or peace
or happiness. And momentarily we might feel disturb
ed by the non-acceptance of those
that do not quite understand what it is you are try
ing to, to say or to express or to present.
So we feel sad or disturbed, periodically …even t
hreatened. But we know beyond the body
and the mind, and we continue. Because we know that
it’s not all happening out there. And
the approval is not all out there, or the understan
ding. It’s just work to be done. Self-
less service … I feel my body now … (well … i
f there’s nothing further You want to ex-
amine or … we’ll just come out of the trance grad
ually, as I count from 1 to 10, You’ll
return to consciousness and). I’m here now…

Oh walk on, be strong, go on
Don’t run away
Don’t go astray
Don’t lose your way
DIVINE ONE open up our eyes
that we may see You
Oh let our feet walk on those paths
That will get us thru
Oh I laid my head on the Pyramid
DIVINE ONE don’t let nothing
Stop me from doing the things
that I was to sing
Oh don’t let nothing
Stop you from going on
Oh don’t let nothing
Stop you from being strong
Oh you must go on
Oh be strong, go on …

excerpt from Chant-Prayers to All
Thru Nazirmoreh (1970-1981)