Meditation Session #1

Nazir Art Crafts/Veil of Truth – meditation room

Meditation room. Please take your shoes off, and have a seat on one of the pillows. Thank you.

A guided meditation session offered by Nahziryah Monastic Community, under the guidance and direction of Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.). Peace Be With You.

Listen intently …listen… Do you hear that humming sound inside your head …No, not the mechanized noises that may have you surrounded …listen… The closer you listen, the more pronounced this pitch becomes …It’s vibrating …It’s vibrating inside your body …It is an All-consuming sound …This note — is your note, your special note, your song, your contribution to the harmony of life …Become aware of it …Attune your self to it …To do this, let your thoughts unwind …just let them untangle themselves …And soon a space will arise where the breath is all that remains of the whirlwind of thoughts … all that remains …Watch the breath as its’ gifts of calmness pours over you, immersing you in a peace which thoughts can only attempt to express …Know thru experience – it deepens with each new breath …Let it revitalize you, let it renew you … just the breath and that one note …Now, stop reading for awhile, close your eyes, and let it … … …

When you are ready to continue, you may return thru the purple veil ready to sing your song with renewed vitality – tranquil, centered, more in love. Do this meditation often, and in time, perhaps when next you come to this center within you, allow the breath to lead you to where this note emanates. There you will gain insight into the meaning of your note, what your contribution is, how to play your note correctly – how to sing your song in perfect unison with all of Creation …

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(We will be exploring deeper levels of meditation as time goes on. The topic of meditation will slowly shift, for it is only thru patient effort and repeated practice that one graduates in degree. So come to the center again and again … Peace Be With You.)

Blessing and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Director – Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) …
Founder and Spiritual Head of Nahziryah Monastic Community
and the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil