Mysterious Eyes

Mysterious eyes, so piercingly beautiful.
To gaze upon them is to gaze within a wonderously
deep pool of liquid calmness.
One becomes lost in the irresistable attempt to fathom
its depth.
And beyond this abyss must be a knowing which disperses
all uncertainty.
Sharp, crisp, clarity…an oasis which quenches the thirst
of a soul in search of Truth.
A sense of security can be drawn from this bottomless well.

An ancient stance of a well seasoned soul.
A self-assured stride born from a selfless repose.
With a spontaneity in action which is simply awe-inspiring.
Always in position, so gracefully poised.
With a naturalness which always remains natural.
And a profoundly real countenance which shadows no other face.

In the air lingers a vibration of a distant life.
A distant feeling of a distant way not known
yet so familiar.
Beyond comprehensive yet always within reach.

As one reaches within those mysteriously beautiful eyes,
One can perhaps catch a glimpse of
the one song which cannot be sung
the only message which cannot be heard
the beginningless book which cannot be written

Pure remains the song which is left unsung,
the messenger left unheard,
the writer left unkown,
simply pure.

It is this pureness, this untouched beauty,
which I give obeisance to each time my eyes
meet my beloved masters eyes
Oh we try, on wings to fly
on a thread of faith
we sleep, we dream
the beautiful day we long for
Oh for truth we cling
to find the Song to sing

If one would but seek in Earnesty
If one would but hear with Clarity
If thoughts and words for truths sake Said
The path to the Eternal would one Tread

When blessed to see this glimmer of Light
Take heart, hold fast, and listen Aright
For this is a rare rare Jewel Obtained
Known or Unknown at a Dear price Gained
Thru many lives lived and many lessons Taught
One stands on ground where Liberation is Sought
Only in Earnesty and with Clarity does One Find
Peace Eternal and Love Divine