One Touch

From different points on the globe,
we come together in unison…
in union with the Son.
Together, we become the One and only Sun,
the only begotten One.
With a wide range of notes,
with voices of every persuasion,
we come together to participate in the same song.
In a multitude of tongues,
we pray the same prayer,
the same mantra of universal love.
Way back in the memory somewhere,
perhaps unknown,
the unbroken connection, the link, the key,
remains eternally unbroken.
And so one touches another with understanding,
and the door of recollection begins to open for all.

One from here, two from there,
light up the world,
because of the giving and the forgiving.
The influx of energy increases the tempo,
and in truth,
the whole of creation stands at one’s finger tip.
The choice makes itself known…
to open one’s hand in service,
or close one’s mind in fear.
The long awaited arrival,
the verge of divinity,
the unimaginable vision,
the next grand step in creation.
And so one touches another thru word,
even by just the sight,
and thought seeds take bloom.

For different reasons,
we come together for the same reason.
From many backgrounds,
we see the same foreground.
With varying degrees of understanding,
we understand the one goal.
Foggy eyesight and clear vision,
we see the way before humanity.
Because one has touched another,
one has given a word, a thought to another,

because the time is to recall what is to be.

Love offers itself,
and the bond is formed, the connection seen.
We discover we are not alone.
We realize the body is not.
Color cannot separate.
Sex has no power to divide.
Social standing stands meaningless.
Country has no boundary.
Language cannot alter Love’s expression.
Nationality will not change Love’s origin.
No belief pattern can claim a uniqueness.
Likes and dislikes can no longer push and pull away from Love.
For, as one touches another,
one begins to understand,
inspite of one’s self,
the limitation of mind, body, and emotion.

No thing, no thought, no belief,
can overshadow the truth that
We Are One.
How one prays, or who one prays to,
is just another name for this unity.
Outer circumstances can no longer hide this inner truth.
We Are One!
There can be no separation.
Name and form can no longer captivate the soul.
Illusion can no longer hold back the tide
which is sweeping across the consciousness of humankind.
Those who choose to hold on to the past,
the guardian of fear and stagnation,
will, by their own effort, sink…
only to rise again with another tide in another era.
Those who open up in Love,
will be carried to the other shore of eternity.
And so one touches another with Truth,
and we all begin to see.

Nothing can stay an idea whose time is come.
No thought can rest an ideal which is ready to manifest.
Neither the rain from heaven,
nor all the forces of earth,
can abort this event.
Universal Love.
And in the end,
because one has touched another,
the race shall be won,
as at last,
all the races become simply human,
and find themself in Spirit.

Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Master
the Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD)

A student of Nazirmoreh (ABRD)
Sister Nazirahkote S. K. A. Kedem