Stand Strong and True, We Will Get Through

Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD)

“Pity me, all you who pass this way!” comes from the lips as a sad song/announcement, forced from the despairing heart of every advanced student, member, initiate of a Community, Order, Lodge who has reached to any spiritual height above that attained by the masses of his brothers and sisters.

He must have learned how to reach out a full cup of compassion to all others in need, but he must deny himself a drink from the same cup, and remain without comfort unless some other traveler on the path intuitively feels and supplies his need.

He has passed the first gate of the Great Lodge/Order of Light, expanded and awakened consciousness, before which, with starving soul and confused or distracted intellect, he has desperately sought for something “worth loving”, “worth serving”. He has faced up that stony Sphinx of mystery — the law of self-effacement — whichever way he has turned in religion or science, and while he has been brought to accept the truth that there is no help for him outside himself, all that is mortal in his nature still craves sympathy and understanding.

The unutterable sadness of life, the uncertainty of death, still fling their grim shadows over the narrow path he is treading, and he looks in vain for power to dispel them, as long as he yields to the temptation of looking backward. Behind him he beholds the grim spectre, Insanity, increasing momentarily in size and power, nourished by false methods of education, and given to drink from the gourds Selfishness, Treachery and Inhumanity; for the visions of Mastery which have drawn him from the lower levels of mediocrity now seem like the whims of an unsettled mind. He is nearing the great gulf which separates spirit from matter, and is losing hold of all that has before sustained him. In view of all this, is it surprising that he should sometimes seek a glance of pity from some traveler on the path, or that he should cry out with the few brave souls who are always striving to restrain the tide of wickedness/negativity — “How long, how long!”

But most difficult of all the difficult trials that beset him, are those which spring from the treachery of those companions and beings he has tried to serve. They have failed to understand his actions, and therefore can find nothing in their hearts but condemnation for him; nothing but rebellion against anything he may strive to accomplish; nothing but suspicious glances at, and unkind words about him.

Oh, children of the world! You babble and boast of your duty to Society, to Religion, Science and Business, but ignore your duty toward the brother or sister in sound of your voice, within touch of your hand, who has been viciously attacked by some other poor desperate human being, maddened by the same curse of selfishness which has wrecked your own hopes of happiness.

The first law of an Order of Advanced Teachings is defense of a Master, a Teacher. The student who can stand supinely and silently by, and make no effort to defend such a Master and Teacher, will have no occasion to seek far for the cause of the closed door which will inevitably meet his eye when he attempts to enter the “Hall of Higher Learning.” For the same law which renders it impossible for a teacher of Advanced Teachings to defend himself or herself, renders it obligatory upon the student to stand at that gate of knowledge which the teacher represents and is, and hold it against all intruders — the law of self-protection.

Such disciples are seemingly incapable of perceiving the truth, that a warm, brave, loyal defense of all hands, would send their own life ship, together with their shipmates, out of the range of those arrows, out of the mud of the cove, into which they have drifted, far out into the open sea beyond, with signs and symbols flying from front and back; for even the poorest of all poor human beings admires and loves a brave one, a faithful companion and friend. “To those who have transcended or overcome is due the reward, the advancement,” on the lower as well as on the higher lines of life and endeavor.

From one here and one there, comes the question, the doubt, “If the Initiates are facts in Nature and in Life, why do They not appear to me? Why do They not come out from their concealment and prove themselves to me? — evidently without a suspicion of the fact that the daily lives they lead would make it impossible for such a one to exist in their vicinity. In turn, a question would be asked, namely, as the Initiates are tenfold more amenable to natural law than are the masses of humanity (as they must be to have become Masters), and therefore amenable to the law of conservation and concentration of energy, would They be justified in taking the vehicle of that energy, which is so perfectly attuned to the key of every spiritual impulse or force that it responds to all vibrations in its environment, as a wind harp responds to waves of air — would They be justified, I repeat, in taking such a vehicle into vibrations of hatred, murder, selfishness, such as now prevail in the environment of many of the people of this earth, for the sole purpose of satisfying mere curiosity? For Them to enter such lower vibrations, even momentarily, means intense suffering. To go into them to remain, means dissolution of form, namely, loss of the vehicles They have been centuries in building. But notwithstanding the truth of the above statement, They do go, and are almost invariably killed, as was the Master Yeshua and many others before and since that time, by the ignorance and ingratitude of those They went to serve, just as are generally killed sooner or later, all those who take up the burden of their effort, struggle, service — the enlightenment of the world.
The burden of recognition must always rest upon the personally most interested observer. Not one in ten thousand would recognize a Master if they met Him. When man succeeds in erasing the varied images of his own lower personality from the reflector or mirror of his soul, he will have no difficulty in convincing himself of the reality and existence of the Lodge/Order of Masters. It is a law of physics that no two things can occupy the same space at the same time. If man would behold the Divine Essence, he must first transcend the image of self.

The student must rise or fall with his Master, and the first great reality that dawns upon his awakening consciousness is a recognition of his kinship to — his oneness with — that Master; and having once recognized, he cannot repudiate the Master; his duty, his pleasure, his very life, is bound up with that of the Master. But all too many of the disciples of the Advanced Teachings in the Western world not only idly listen to, and read with enthusiastic interest all attacks on their teachers, but turn from them and run for a safe hiding-place when the arrows of ridicule or abuse are pointed with personal significance, or fly too rapidly from the bow of the assailant, lest some of the mud into which those arrows fall should splash the garments they have put on and which they believe to be immaculate.

In Truth, In Light, In Love
Peace Be With You All