The Hollow

“The Writings”
Introduction #18

(Introduction to meditation session held at the Veil of Truth – 6/6/90)
Welcome one and all. First and foremost I give thanks to our Spiritual Teacher Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) for being.
As the time draws closer, the clouds are lifting and I see more and more the love, dedication, and devotion which Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) is. At times it is an overwhelming revelation. Thru Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) we grow as we tread the path. Thru Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) we are assisted and thereby become better able to assist in the growth. Were it not for this guidance, if left to our own devices, we would in no way know the way as we now know and as we now grow each day in understanding the knowledge we continually receive. Our advancement is quickened and this is so necessary as time drawers nearer. Thru community effort, we prepare to be receptive. Thru community effort, we raise our level of consciousness to be attuned. Thru community effort, we labour and grow in receptivity and attunement to enter into our birthright. And a new birth is at hand. We give much thanks, for it is through our Spiritual Teacher Nazirmoreh (ABRD) that we make ready, that we grow forward into the new day, hand in hand.

Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Director,
the Reverend Nazirmoreh(ABRD).

The Hollow

It happened. After the shifting of the poles, Mother opened her bowels – and from her womb tremendous heat spewed forth. It was from within the center of this heat that Agni found release, and immediately took to flight. Her son had been fond of roaming land and sea, providing fire for every source that could touch his feet. But seeing the turmoil that had caused his Mother great pain, he left home to explore the beyond in search of how to better conserve his energies.

As he made his way thru the skies, his sister Vidyahara held on to his heel with one of her thick, black clouds. She pleaded with Agni not to take leave, but onward he was bound. Promising to return one bright and sunny day with all that he had learned, Agni quickly resumed his flight. (Though one can only speculate, rumor went round that he went to search the many rooms of his Father’s mansion for the secret stairwell his Mother had hinted to him of.) In leaving with such great haste, one of his sandals fell off, and with a splash it landed in the molten lava of his Mother’s tears below.
When Mother’s pains began to subside, wounds beginning to heal, she was left with an inner flame alone. This flame was enough to keep her house in order within, yet for her outer court — none could be spared…

Now the survivors were vexed, for amongst all that had to now be faced, they could no more produce a spark for fire. Try as they might – rubbing sticks together, flint or coal, even striking dry matches they had chanced upon – none would now produce a flame. Every means they could think of, every source that they knew of – not even a firefly could produce a glow. High and low, this one element was most sought after because they thought that if just one flame could be produced, they could begin life all over again. One flame, just one small flame, could ignite a million flames to transform and transmute what they had in their minds to do. Without a flame, how could they rebuild what had now turned to rubble and burned to ash?

And there stood Surya, like a giant ball of precious gold, enticing them from beyond the sky. Staring up at his shimmering throne, their eyes grew sore with lamentation that something could appear so near yet be so far from reach. They sought to construct various means to touch at least a reflection of his blazing strength. But Vidyahara, still too feeble with the smoke and fumes of former days, could not lift her eyes up long enough for them to collect sufficient rays to set even their smallest of devices in motion.

This began the parting of the ways. Without this one element, the survivors could not pick up the pieces and return to manipulating the gifts of land, water and air as they had once done. Those who could not adjust to living closer with basic needs, were the first to remove themselves. The lazy, the addicted, the stagnate, and similar characters became, in short order, extinct. And with this release, one could notice an ever so slight change in the atmospheric pressure.

Mother’s temperature had lowered, however she was recovering fairly well. Still feeling a little shaky, the equator settled further north.

Dry land planting itself where water had once flowed. Bodies of water living where land had once congregated. And so the remnant went forward gathering themselves together, as one from here and two from there were all that remained. Life began to gravitate towards this new equator, for it was the warmest of places to be found within these shivering new frontiers.

They thought to comb every inch of this wonder, in an effort to uncover it’s root. But it was a lot of land to traverse, and no one really knew if it even had a bottom. Only the strong in heart could take such a journey. This hollow was like a sacred cradle. With unimaginable creativity, it bore thought seeds of a new kind. In essence, a new life wave had been kindled here as one grew in appreciation of the simple things in life. The vegetation was simply scrumptious, such a contrast to the sparse wild edibles they had grown accustomed to. The water literally sparkled, quenching their ponder-ous thirst. The waterfalls actually tingled, soothing their sorely callous feet. Many decided to go no farther than this periphery. The few traveled on. And the ways had parted once more…

The deeper they climbed, the lighter it became – the wind steadily mounting as well. They visited caverns and meadows, lakes and jungles, wondering if there were any end to this diversity, if they would ever reach the core. Many seasons slipped past as they searched every passage, the wind’s breath ever following their steps. Some grew impatient, others grew discouraged, and there were the ever fewer who grew in determination. From where came this subtle light and why had it not been found. So elusive was this quest.

The Day came when these wayfarers met a circle of souls nestled in one of the coves of the Ark’s hollow. They lived in close communion with the forces of nature. This meeting was the first outer contact this little community had with others who had survived. Overjoyed to see their wandering brothers, they welcomed them into their heart. The travelers anxiously told the circle of their quest, asking how they had carried on without a flame. The leader explained that the climatic changes created an atmosphere of outer and inner harmony. “The warmer weather extinguished the need of fire for heat, clothing being reserved for the quaint.

The vegetation which evolved is more than satisfying, nature itself became the cook. As can be seen, nature also took care to carve shelters into the hillsides. All outer needs amply met, opportunity has been extended to focus our energies on the inner side of our nature, the flame within. This covenant with life is the blossom of selflessly giving one’s all. Please stay at least a while, we would be immensely honored to have this opportunity to be of service.” But their minds were focused on the object of their dream. They thought possibly these stewards of the outer and inner realms might be able to assist them to realize this dream. The leader, understanding their plight, foretold in solace, “Look to the setting sun, perhaps there your eyes shall find the rest you seek.” With renewed strength, they turned their gaze westward…

One evening, they walked up on what appeared to be a rock garden. The sun now setting, they decided to rest here for the night. Some of these formations stood like giant statues against the evening sky. This sanctuary was so quiescent that even the wind dared not pass through. As darkness draped its’ blanket across the landscape, they laid down to sleep. Suddenly, a scream was heard from one of the pilgrims. She frantically shouted at the top of her lungs, “We’re surrounded! They have us surrounded!!” The others looked out amongst the giant stones – lo and behold, they saw a sight not seen in so long. They were surrounded, not by some frightful apparition, but to their astonishment they saw a field of fireflies! But this one poor pilgrim had forgotten that such a fly had ever existed. In fear, she sprang to her feet, running for her life. In her panic, she stumbled over a rock, falling to the ground with a hard thud. When her fellow travelers came round to help her up, they noticed a strange emanation coming from the small rock she had tripped over. They rejoiced and rejoiced! The elixir of life – a single, solitary flame had been found. Amazed at their discovery, some froze in their steps while others rushed to take hold. Though the flame was small in size, it was more than immensely hot – throwing the would-be assailants off their feet. In the confusion which followed, there was one who kept his composure and brought order to the dazzled group. Once everyone had calmed down, all sat in a circle around the flame and awaited the rising of the sun. They thought, “…such a miracle, now we shall save the world…”

Now this flame was surrounded by a translucent, purple film of hardened lava. Like a candle, it flickered brightly – unending, unceasing, no one knew how it replenished itself. All around it were splashes of this hardened lava, forming what looked like an alter made of stone. All types of means were devised to secure this precious source. But it was in vain, no one could remove it from its’ seat.

The composed one took leave of his industrious companions, going for a walk along the hillside – deep in contemplation. While exploring one of the nearby coves, a whisper in the wind whirled around him – gently blowing wisps of intuition into his receptive ears. “This flame,” it was softly sung, “transmutes and burns asunder more than metal and wood. The inner life it will touch, through the layers of outer circumstance. Take up your staff, share the flame throughout. To each will be given his due.”
The composed one returned, respectfully suggesting a way to carry the flame forth. He told them to put aside their past conditioning of how a flame endures, “Every one light their branch and let us return.” Puzzled by this suggestion, some laughed at his proposal saying, “Is that the best you can come up with? Here it is, we’ve been working hard trying to figure out a way, and you come back from a stroll in the woods telling us to light a branch! We’ve tried digging up underneath it, only to find solid lava everywhere. We’ve tried breaking through this lava, nearly breaking our bones, and everything else, all to no avail. We’ll not get far with a burning branch. Any child knows the fire would quickly consume it. No, that will not work at all.”

The composed one took up his branch. Lighting the tip, he seated himself and watched his comrades ramble on. One then two noticed his burning branch did not go out. In fact, it grew brighter with time.
“This is a strange flame. As strange as the fact that without any fuel or wax, it burns on. Let us suppose that it’s nature has changed. Let us each take up our branch and see!”
The envious lit his branch and in return received a very small flame, making him envious indeed.
The greedy lit his branches and in return received a very large and hot flame which burned down almost to his hand and remained steady. With great difficulty he carried his hot burden.
The dishonest lit his branch and in return received a smoldering branch which did not go out, but did not produce a flame either.
The cheerful lit his branch and in return received a most beautiful conflagration.
The hard and honest worker lit his branch and in return received a flame strong enough to rebuild the world.

As it was shared, every virtue and every vice approached the flame…

and in return received their due.

Conflicts arose from this state of affairs. Now not only were every ones’ virtues and vices in full view, but one could not take another’s flame as his own… and one could not lose his flame to another. The viced ones could not beg, borrow or steal anothers’ branch without it turning into that which they were. And all a virtuous one had to do was touch any branch that had been lit to instantly regain their justly earned flame.
On their return to the periphery, they stopped at the circle to share their prized flame. When the leader accepted their offering, the branch was transformed into a hollow tube. So light was it, that it need not even be carried. It just hovered around the leader’s head like a beam of light. Everyone was deeply touched.
“This flame that manifests, was here all along. It is just that now it appears visible to the naked eye. So beautiful is this flame. It cannot be corrupted. It only grows more glorious with growth. Pray stay with us a while longer this time.”
But their minds were set on returning triumphant with the flame to transform the world as they knew it. However, they left with the aspiration to transform their branch into a Hollow Flame. They understood that the only way to obtain it was by acquiring the virtue of selflessness. Through their own effort they would one day realize.

Every one cheered that within the hollow of the Ark, the one single flame survived. Each rushed to the other, with branch in hand, to receive of this wondrous light. As unlit branch met lit branch, the virtuous received greatly, the vicious received justly. To each was given his due. Those who became more and more virtuous increased in light. Those who did not or could not change their outlook, in due process of time, removed themselves for lack of a well lit flame. As the virtuous increased in size, the vicious decreased in number, until at last, the last flame of vice was extinguished and heard of no more.

The day came when a host of Hollow Flames had been lit. Many had traveled to the circle in the Hollow in preparation to receive this most sought after light.

Mother watched as the course of life spiraled onward. It was through the energies of the Hollow Flames that she was able to recover as well as she had. And they were vital in Vidyahara recuperating from her bout with the flu. The clouds now lifting, everyone was elated to see Surya’s sunny smile again. All of nature was regaining it’s strength. But in Mother’s core, there remained a loss. She longed for the return of her son Agni. And she yearned to assist in the evolvement which was taking place. It was her portion to provide the new and finer vehicles to house these glorious Hollow Flames. But she was growing old. Without her son’s help, she would be left behind…

It happened. One bright and sunny day, a tremendous roar was heard in the sky… It was Agni returning home from the beyond, riding on a cloud of fire. In one hand, he carried a blueprint filled with new signs and symbols. In the other he carried a toolbox full of fundamental and essential elements to complete their next step on the stairwell together.

Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Master
the Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD)

A student of Nazirmoreh (ABRD)
Sister Nazirahkote S. K. A. Kedem