To the Inquirer

Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD)

22 January 2000

Peace be with you,

The Creator is Love – the Creator and sustainer of all that is, was and ever shall be. All things came forth from the Creator – all names, people, places, things, religions; all things. A person believes according to his degree of awareness – the plane of consciousness he’s traveling on. He gets what he is. He attracts according to that degree of awareness. He understands, he believes, he lives according to that level, according to that degree, according to that awareness, education, information, acceptance and belief in information – according to his level, according to his capacity, according to information received, understood, lived, utilized; that would be conducive to further expansion.
As stated, the Creator is Love. And we have love, we have the Creator embedded within our hearts, within our being. Breath of Life breathed within the body of man/woman/all existence. We feel. We sense. We glimpse love from directions Love comes forth from, that is attuned to the Love within the inmost depths of our being – Creator, the Sustainer of Love. Unfortunately for us all, fellow travelers seeking enlightenment, fulfillment, union, seeking the entrance and entering into the heavenly abode – there is no absolute truth on this plane of existence… on this mundane, physical, material plane of limitation. We struggle, we strive, we put effort into the attainment. We put effort into living according to love. We try to live above hate, fear, robbing, killing, stealing, that which is detrimental to our fellow travelers, trying to do that which is helpful and loving and assisting, supporting – if we have reached that degree, that state, that level of understanding of acceptance of the need to Love within our existence, our actions, our thoughts, our words, our deeds. The Creator is Love and they that worship the Creator, worship in Love. The Creator reaches out to us with Love and we should extend that Love to others.
As stated before, you believe according to your degree of awareness, your education, your conditioning, your programming, your experiences and how you were affected by those experiences. Some believe according to knowledge gained through information, education. Some believe according to the lack of knowledge limited by the lack of information. However, we all live according to the area, the level, the environment, the teaching, the education, the information, the surroundings that we are traveling in, the thought atmosphere, to the best of our ability. And with the grace of the Creator, and the effort and faith, we live in love, we will draw nearer and nearer to the Love that is the Creator, that dwells within our being… That Breath, that Life, Truth, Light, Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding. Love one another and all will be fulfilled.
Jesus was not a liar. The Creator is not a liar. We live in a world of confusion, a world of mis-information, contradictions, true, not -true, real, false, sickness, pain, death, hate, envy, strife. This is the world we live in, we struggle in. We try to awaken to the real, the true, the Love. Live the life and you’ll know the Love. This is a crazy world. However, we live in it, according to our degree, our ability, our effort to rise above the world, the confusion, the contradictions, the mis-information, the ignorance (not-knowing), the hate. Love one another. This is a means. Faith with works. I come riding upon a cloud and they that are as I am at my coming shall recognize me. We bear the cross – crucifixion, resurrection, ascension. The Law is Love. And they that worship, worship in truth and in Love according to their understanding — and Love will grow and expand, expand and grow.
We strive to serve in Love. We understand that the Creator is Love. Love transcends language, nationality, race, country, titles. The Creator is truly above name, nationality, religions, beliefs and their limitations. However, we live according to the name, nationality, religion, belief, limitation, in our effort to return to the One of All in Love. We understand that the Creator is not a contradiction, or in contradiction. However the world is in contradiction, distraction, ignorance and we are in it and we strive to rise above it through love and service to our fellow brothers and sisters traveling in this limitation, distraction. To grow, to love – this is our effort, this is our struggle to realize the truth.
Peace be with you. I can only speak to someone according to their degree, their understanding, their information, their education, and be understood and accepted. We love you very much and give thanks for your inquiry, questions, information, projection, understanding according to your degree, your level, your being.
No offense taken. We love.

In Truth, In Light, In Love
Peace Be With You and All, in All
We Are One
Rev. Nazirmoreh
Nahziryah Monastic Community
Nazir Order of the Purple Veil

There is a lot that can be said, will be said, to those that have the ears to
hear, the eyes to see in Love.

After note: “We” – all of us, everyone, all beings.