“The Writings”

Introduction # 43

(Introduction to meditation session held at the Veil of Truth – 10/14/91)

Welcome One and All. First and foremost, I give thanks to Nazirmoreh, our Spiritual Teacher.

I would like to sincerely thank Nazirmoreh, our Spiritual Teacher, for being here and guiding us. It is truly beautiful to feel such a closeness, such companionship. Spiritual communion is something that only experience can claim. Just to know that one travels with true companions, side by side, no challenge too high, no lesson too deep, is very uplifting. It is inspiring to realize a Living Master is amongst us, and breath-taking to commune daily with One. Each day is a day filled with surprise. Lessons in Truth fill our lives with understanding. I pray that all who come to receive, receive in full measure. Nazirmoreh, our Spiritual Master, is a fountain of wisdom for all to come, drink, and be filled with Love.

Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Master, Nazirmoreh.

The Visionary

Trying to keep up with a visionary…
is to see the quest, sight the goal.
It is inspiration to catch up, stumbling to keep up,
inspite of oneself.
Barely keeping sight at times,
sometimes so utterly lost.
Concepts being juggled about,
hands grasping for their full intent.
As quickly as one concept is barely grasped,
another is thrown in.
But the heart is always filled to over fullness,
so the understanding is as it should be.
With lightening quick speed does the visionary assimilate,
translate, relate, interrelate and project Truth into any matter at hand –
piercing the illusions.
A marvel which draws the soul upward and inward,
despite heaviness of foot.
Slog on,
till the day shall be when one relinguishes and soars.

Trying to keep up with a visonary…
is expressly exilerating!
The pace is so rapid,
never a dull moment in Truth.
It takes the breath at times.
Truths being unveiled one after the next.
Each principle only understood in and of itself
when the whole perspective is within view.
And the whole is a vista
which swiftly advances beyond the realm of sight.
Visionary vision… beyond the speed of light.
I Am That, That I Am.

Trying to keep up with a visionary…
leads to an expanse which extends into the limitless.
A visionary expanse.
And within the limits of sight,
exists the brilliant glimmer of hope,
piercing thru the keyhole,
shedding it’s luminousity thru every crack in the door…
even through every crevice.
With a visionary purpose to unlock the bounds of understanding,
to open the door to understanding,
to bring understanding within the sphere of the closed mind,
to annoint understanding with Truth.
The day shall dawn,
when the eye shall gaze upon this ultra brilliancy,
and upon the all encompassing darkness of this effulgency.

Trying to keep up with a visionary…
is provoking.
It challenges the whole being.
To see how far behind, how lacking, how unfit,
one has become thru time,
provokes one to think,
provokes one to act lest one lose sight.
Do or die… defy death and live.
Keep up or fall behind… defy gravity and rise.
Seek liberation or remain captive… defy all limits.
There is no getting around the point when within the circle,
which is the thought atmosphere of a visionary.
Not one eye will the visionary let close to the Truth
that this circle has no outer circumference,
yet its’ boundary must be reached
if the journey’s end is to be realized.

Trying to keep up with a visionary…
is irresistable.
Truth is so luringly beautiful.
To see Truth manifest thru One who travels within the same sphere,
ignites the heart to pursue it.
At all cost,
one day to also Be.
If only one day the Truth to shine…
A visionary orchestrates life into a attractive song
which calls one to cast everything aside,
give all which remains,
and follow…
with ever increasing sureness of foot.

Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Master Nazirmoreh

A Student of Rev. Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.)
Nazirahkote S. K. A. Kedem